Island Hvar has two faces: one which is all about Hula-Hula after beach parties, Fool Moon parties, Foam parties and great night life in general; however the other side is completely different, characterized as paradise to escape to, get away from the crowd to a natural harmony of the island. Jelsa is probably the perfect mixture of the two.

Jelsa in winter time has about 2000 residents, providing them with all what is necessary to be a little independent town.

Children attend elementary and high school in Hvar and after that, at the age of 18, most of them move to Split and Zagreb to continue their studies at the universities. However, percentage of those coming back is really high, most probably because Hvar can really provide a nice and prosperous life.

In general, people are not divided by rich and poor, almost every family owns properties, apartments, fields and boats; lifestyle is simple, the family as an institution is respected and appreciated the most, and business are mainly run by local families, from generation to generation.

Where summers are always busy, winter is time when people enjoy the untouched nature, possibility to grow fruits and vegetables and hunt fishes and wild animals, cook, produce wine, oil, etc. Hvar has been blessed by number of sunny hours (2715 / year) so one of the main winter occupations is to drink coffee with friends and neighbors, even few times a day, especially if there are important new local gossips to exchange 🙂

Just like the rest of the Island of Hvar, the area of Jelsa has a well-indented coastline, many small islands, coves and headlands where guests can relax and truly enjoy themselves. There are sand and pebble beaches but also gentle rocks where people find their ‘private spots’ for swimming and sunbathing. In the center of Jelsa there are nice little churches, squares, parks, restaurants, cocktail bars, shops, and little coffee-shops, etc.

The beach near the Villa Napoleon is very suitable both for children and adults, with small pebbles and nice shade from the characteristic Mediterranean pine-trees.


Jelsa has rich nightlife, many coffee & cocktail bars and restaurants but it is more oriented for couples and families. If you want experience amusing summer party town you can easily go to the town of Hvar where there are parties all night long.
The town of Hvar is about 30 km distance. The ferry port in Stari grad is about 10 km distance.

About Jelsa
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