When you travel and explore the most famous destinations of the world, very often you realize that all the beauties you are looking for are exactly there where you started, at home.

Let us guide you through our home for a while.

Who we are

We were once the children of the island, although today we no longer live there we carry the island in our hearts, while at the same time remember each its corner soul and part…

Regarding the accommodation, we are promoting Aparthouse-Villa Napoleon situated near the sea, in the center of Jelsa, on the island Hvar.

Regarding the period, we are promoting pre-season and post-season time of the year (April, May, September, October, November).

Regarding the activities, please refer to the section ‘Tailor made excursions & more’.

Our target group

The site on which now surf began as an idea to provide information to our friends and friends of their friends who are interested to learn about the island, and then expanded to include to all others who trusted us.

Our mission

Tourists are often victims of the locals wishing to earn more money in a short seasonal period. Value for money respecting mutual interests is one of the principles we would like to share. Our mission is: to make sure that your experience in Hvar is as beautiful as possible, to minimize the commercial side of being tourist in Hvar and to make you feel comfortable and safe as we would like to feel in your home town.

Our interest

While creating a different and more socially oriented, focused on off-season period, associated with the local needs and aspirations we will give our best to make you happy tasters of the same product. We firmly believe that there are people who want to experience more then the sun and sea and we know that Hvar has much more than that. We are strongly committed to the new ideas and therefore we want to explore and develop undiscovered secrets of our island.

Why us?